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AMSERP is one of the eminent ERP software providers in the market since it provides user friendly modules which fulfill the core requirements of any academic institution. Our finest academic management system maintains records of school administration, teachers and students allowing them to handle everyday records in a much efficient way.

To have a good administration in hand, we have designed our software for educational institutions by providing an improved learning atmosphere for students as well as offering a worry fee environment for workforce within the campus. Each module is designed with utmost care considering the facts that all the requirements are met and the data within each module is secured to prevent any fraudulent activities.

Multiple levels of security passes are required to ensure transparency for the access to databases and services, which is achieved through proper authentication. AMSERP aims at high data security by providing a unique login username and a strong password for each user.


Dashboard lists out the consolidated information of all the modules.

Assignments and Notes

For each batch, the assignments and notes are allocated here in this academic management software.

User Management / Privileges

Special privileges are given to the users to access their respective modules. 

Lesson Planning

Teachers can Plan the lessons for the class and students will stay on track with the portions taught in classes they skipped.

Time Table

Updated time charting of classes and other events can be published on our timetable management portal. Students get notified with the class modules.

Course & Batch

Classified student lists can be maintained according to their class and batch. Each and every student details can be individually accessed.


The informative exam management portal lets students to be free from the tensions about exams. Exam schedules, syllabuses and evaluation reports.

Task Manager

Task manager allocates duties to the teachers and students, given by the admin based on the priorities.

Student Admission

The student admission segment on Web School can be included with a detailed profile of the students. Complete information of the student as well as contact details of the guardian.


Library management system, one of the prime features in AMS ERP provides simplified record keeping of book borrowers. The librarian as well as the members can have access.


The hostel facilities can be successfully managed using this module. The allocation of hostel room, payment of hostel fee can be easily done using this.


With concern for the safe and efficient traveling for students, our application is included with a portal for organizing transportation. Parents will be advantaged by accessing route maps.

Fees Import

The fee is allocated in a bulk manner to individual student or batch or as common to all.

SMS Alerts

Whenever there is an update or notification in the software, the users get notified it by SMS. This SMS notification method.


The templates needed for the certification documents needed to the students are created.

Data Export

All the data available in the software can be successfully converted to a document sheet using the data export module.

Email System

The user gets notified with an E-mail with the respective update or notification.

Visitor Management

This module prepares the list of the visitors to the school, making it easier for any future purposes.


The important notices and reminders are created using the circular module.

Online Student Registration

An enquiry towards a new student registration is done using this. The admin decides.

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar need to mention all the important events happening in the school or college.

Online Examination (Add-On)

The software conduct the examination and automatically checks and assign score to the online examination.


Financial transactions of an educational institution can be made more transparent by publishing the updates in this portal.

Student/Employee /Guardian login

The students, teachers or guardian can access the software using the login credentials to view the information.

Vehicle Tracking Integration (Add-On)

The school bus tracking is done using a GPS system. Each school bus is given a GPS system, which is needed to be purchased.

Exam Hall Arrangement

The exam hall allocated to a particular student can be viewed in this category.


The placement details of the educational institution are given here. The companies conducted recruitment drives.

Notice Board

The notice board provides all the essential notifications and reminders regarding the school and academics.

Promotion & Alumni

Our organized school management system credits in the process of promoting students towards the preceding academic year.

Leave Management

The comprehensive section – leave management, records the dates on which the faculty or students went on leave.

Android & iOS App

The mobile version of the AMS ERP is available as an Android & iOS app. It improves the user experience in various mobile platforms.

Payment Gateway Integration

The fees can be successfully paid by the online payment option using a payment gateway.

App Installation

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