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Tons of Features

AMSERP has all in one place. You’ll find everything what you are looking into education management system software.

User Friendly Interface

We care! User will never bothered in our real eye catchy user friendly UI & UX Interface design.

Managing school 24/7

A track record of 99.99% availability shows how dedicated we are to delivering our core services.

Powerful Support

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Key features which makes us unique

Additional features that will expect in a complete educational management system. Our software is well-tuned for CBSE schools also

Cloud databases
Low TDR for online fee
Custom reports
Onsite support & training
Vehicle tracking
Remote desktop support
ID card generation
SSL & site lock secured
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AMS ERP - The Finest School Management Software

We are known as the best school management software in Kerala because AMS ERP lets educators focus on educating by making school administration easy to use and always accessible online.

Responsive design & Dashboard
User Management / Privileges
Exams Report card
Assignments and Notes
Promotion & Alumni
Android App & iOS App

Our Features - Small Investment. Big Results.

SparkIT Pay - Payment Gateway Integrated

The fees can be successfully paid by the online payment option using a payment gateway.

SMS Alerts - SparkIT SMS Gateway Integrated

Whenever there is an update or notification in the software, the users get notified it by SMS. This SMS notification method is a good idea for an improved user experience.

Student/Employee /Guardian login

The students, teachers or guardian can access the software using the login credentials to view the information.

Data Export

All the data available in the software can be successfully converted to a document sheet using the data export module.


The talented professionals over here offer you protection against all the possible threats that a software can encounter.

Cost cutting

The best advantage that an academic administration can take from choosing our school management application is the altered price packages. Regardless of the variations in the cost range we maintain stable quality standards in all our services.


Our advanced system can assure you the things you need to meet by utilizing our product. We offer you all the possibilities to satisfy your needs by customizing the product for the customers.

Well-structured modules

We offer the widely demanded features of school management software by incorporating well-structured and organized modules to improve the efficiency of the system. Having a solid structure is the major reason by which the professionals are proceeding successfully with the system into the web industry.

Custom Reports

The overall status of a student can be reviewed by the use of report generation option. Reports on fee remittances, salary payments and exam results are made possible in this section.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Integration

The school bus tracking is done using a GPS system. Each school bus is given a GPS system, which is needed to be purchased.

Technical Support

Our skilled developers are there for you to assist you anytime. If you have any queries or clarifications, feel free to approach our technical team anytime.

3 main reasons explaining why to choose us

we ensure the trust bestowed on us by our client are not breached.

The best ERP software for best price

We offer the lowest price on the market without compromising on quality.

Best academic management system with Great support

Our 24/7 dedicated support team work seamlessly with your team.

best school management software with Flexibility

AMSERP is a highly scalable and customizable School Management System.

46 + Schools & Institutions

46+ Schools & Institutions in India love AMS ERP

48,000+ Students & 3,900+ Employees

14+ Cities & 3 International Clients

870698+ Online Payment Transactions

AMSERP is considered to be one of best school management software in Trivandrum, Kerala since we believe in providing the best solution in the educational area that includes schools and colleges around the globe. We are the frontiers in market since our prime vision is to lay out educational institutions improve their efficiency and their productivity with the best ERP solution. Nowadays technology has improved in such a way that most of the flaws of conventional ways of school management environment has been rectified. Our online school management software helps in transforming educational institutions much smarter so that new age parents always rely on them. AMSERP offers the best academic management software in Trivandrum since it is easy to use and allows flawless administration which enables our client to be ahead in the group of smart schools. Our School ERP software can be operated transparently across all academic and nonacademic operations making us one of the leading ERP solution providers in the country. We at AMSERP, do have an encrypted server that keeps all the relevant data safe and secure and it is developed in such a way that all the school’s preferences are customized. Real progress in development is achieved only when administrative and organizational tasks are automated. To achieve this, we believe that schools has to go digital to confront all the comprehensive subjects and dynamic test pattern. Our school ERP software offers the best E-learning platform to empower teachers  and keep teachers and pupil linked at all times via SMS and Email. Administrative works are made easier by creating customized reports since it facilitates school administration run very precisely with real time data. Our ERP software help generate e-reports easily since our motive is to help educational institutions go paperless. We can assure you that our customized ERP will do the work for your school by reducing monotonous routine duties in various departments. Our premium focus is to offer the most reliable and efficient educational module for educational institutions that facilitates school administration to run for the betterment of students. AMSERP, provides the best academic management software that offers innumerable prospects for various schools than any other academic ERP software that exist in the industry. In the age of digitalization, it is important to create a sustainable school management system to increase the productivity as well as amplify the learning application in an educational institution.

We Always Try To Understand Users Expectation

We became the best school management software in Trivandrum by improving our software according to customer feedback. We offer the widely demanded features of school management software by incorporating well-structured and organized modules to improve the efficiency of the system. Having a solid structure is the major reason by which the professionals are proceeding successfully with the system into the web industry.

Our ERP creates a stable technological environment using the latest technologies !!

we assures our clients to provide 24/7 services to keep school function flawlessly. AMS ERP aims at creating school management redesigned to keep them up to date and technically well balanced. We ensure that school management has to be technically balanced to make things highly efficient and result oriented. At AMS ERP, we do have well qualified and experienced development team who is continuing to study and restructure the program to make it more efficient and reliable. AMS ERP proactively indulge in developing products that are sustainable and succeed in long term by evaluating the problems faced by our clients. By providing the best management tools for academic institutions, we offer them with the fastest and best solutions thereby maintaining the same degree of precision and professionality throughout the year. We have designed our software in such a way that school administration, teachers as well as parents can use it to accomplish a task without any expertise. Our goal is to set up a structured environment that reduces the workload faced by them.


We know that nearly all organizations, including those in the same sector have different structures and process. AMS ERP understands this and designs our software that supports them by an extensive customization. AMS ERP’s ERP is built to be easy to use. Its so simple that within a short time someone with basic computer knowledge and email knowledge will be able to use it just like that. We also add almost all the possible powerful features for your institution that you will ever need to operate an educational institution. As we have taken at most care in developing every single module in our ERP you wouldn’t need to customize it as well. Since AMS ERP School ERP runs on automations, time required in managing huge amount of data and information is reduced which further helps teachers and administrative staffs to focus more on other various operations. By doing so, it increases the quality of education and school workforce productivity, since teachers can focus more on student progress and all administrative work can be monitored more efficiently. With the help of technological advancements, right from student registration to online school fee management, everything is made secure and controlled on a single platform. Our School ERP transform your institution to a modern digital campus by paperless administration since everything can be managed with a single click. AMS ERP provides a central and user-friendly dashboard where principal, management, students, teachers as well as patents have access to the required information. We do have role-based access feature thereby restricting the access to sensitive content. Different modules that are available in our ERP facilitate all of your institution’s process, from accepting new students to generating transfer certificates once they complete their studies. We have no restrictions on the number of logins done by the concerned people and all our plans are economical. Our ERP comes with the best price in the market along with great support team which assist you without any interruption. AMS ERP’s ERP has different modules to manage schools’ administrative agenda, teachers, student and parent’s management. School Management can keep track of their staff’s workflow, monitor all students and maintain good connection with student’s parents by sharing information regarding class schedules via SMS. Our ERP promotes teachers as well as all administrative staffs to lighten up their workloads to complete various tasks without wasting piles of papers. Teachers can easily manage students’ activities including class schedules, giving subject notes, assignments, monthly reports, attendance. Students is also benefited from our ERP for their personal growth since they will be given separate login access to check on all the school related activities which include class timings, exam schedules, managing assignments and library records as well. Parents can also keep track of their child’s academic and behavioral improvements by logging in to check class timetables, assessments results, holidays and much more.

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